Wanted: Search Engine Marketing Staff

The content division in our rapidly-growing digital media agency is looking to hire a Search Engine Marketing Staff. This position is a promising opportunity for someone with a passion for the Internet, search engine optimization and search engine marketing. We are looking for a professional with some experience in setting up, maintaining, and optimizing search… Continue reading Wanted: Search Engine Marketing Staff

Adwords Tips: Keyword Matching

We’re not going to give Adwords tips on choosing keywords. Google has provide the wonderful Keyword Tool to deal with this issue. Now the task is what type of matching should we use. We have three types of keyword matching to choose from. Just to refresh, the first is broad match (e.g: electric guitar). If… Continue reading Adwords Tips: Keyword Matching

AdWords Effective Copywriting

Google Adwords is a tool of hard selling. Messages we deliver through this channel don’t need to be all fancy and colorful. The only thing matter is people read, click and take action (purchase, register, subscribe, etc).

AdWords for Dummies

Google Adwords still got many types of ad that will carry our message to millions of relevant audience. From text ads, image ads, video ads, rich media ad, to mobile ads, all is available to use.

SEO: Please Welcome The Spiders

Let’s get your site to the top of the list. Keep clicking on your homepage won’t work at all if you’re competing with millions other sites Google has crawled. So take your hand off the mouse and try some of this basic technique of Search Engine Optimization. Okay, now put your hand back to the… Continue reading SEO: Please Welcome The Spiders

Reached 2nd Page on Google

It’s Sunday morning here in Jakarta, Indonesia. We have been optimizing various keywords for our web development company. One of these top keywords is “jakarta web design“. Four months ago we were not even listed on google for this keyword, and now, we are listed on the second page. Our site is bounced back and… Continue reading Reached 2nd Page on Google