Reached 2nd Page on Google

It’s Sunday morning here in Jakarta, Indonesia.

We have been optimizing various keywords for our web development company. One of these top keywords is “jakarta web design“. Four months ago we were not even listed on google for this keyword, and now, we are listed on the second page. Our site is bounced back and forth from 2nd and 3rd page for the past few weeks.

How do we get to this level from being a “non existence” company on Google search engine?

There are many factors that contribute to higher ranking for the keyword “Jakarta web design” for Omeoo site. I guess the bottom line is search engine was created to serve one purpose, which is to be a database that is full of information where users can find any information they need on the search engine. Obviously, we are aiming for the first page …

Google is constantly working toward a better a search engine, better search results, and more…. And as a web development company, we help to serve Internet users with useful information.

We are excited to share this story to all of you to prove that our search engine optimization (SEO) service works. Omeoo is growing fast and we can’t wait to hear many good feedback from our clients.