AdWords Effective Copywriting

Google Adwords is a tool of hard selling. Messages we deliver through this channel don’t need to be all fancy and colorful. The only thing matter is people read, click and take action (purchase, register, subscribe, etc).

The first thing is be clear. We want only users who need our product to get into our site. So give clear information. Don’t put anything that isn’t related to the product we sell. So when people interested and click, they know they’re in the right place.

We also have to use proper grammar, capitalization and punctuation. Who wants to by product from seller who don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”. In our display URL, it would be more attractive to write the first letter of the word in capital. For example, if our domain is “”, we should write it like “”

Strong call to action is also important. This is one strongest thing to raise our conversion rate. The call to action should be the same with conversion we expect (“Buy”, “sign up”, etc). Put some urgency to add more persuasion effect (“50% off just for today” or anything like that).

And we must think like Google searcher. What we want to see, what we usually attracted to, use that to maximize the effectiveness of our adwords ad.