Let’s get your site to the top of the list. Keep clicking on your homepage won’t work at all if you’re competing with millions other sites Google has crawled. So take your hand off the mouse and try some of this basic technique of Search Engine Optimization. Okay, now put your hand back to the mouse.

The first thing to know before we do SEO is that we can’t just do this overnight. SEO takes commitment. Not just commitment to execute our tactic regularly, but also to keep learning about search engine itself. Search engine algorithm never stays the same, so the same tactic and strategy doesn’t always work forever either.

Also before you start, equip yourself with web analytic tool. Google analytic will do. This will make you a better SEO learner. The tools will let you know what action works well for your SEO and what doesn’t. This way you can always develop your strategy. Find a new way to boost you page and work harder on already proven tactics.

Now let’s assume you already have a website. A good one, but it’s a new comer. You’ll find millions sites that are launched before yours and they obviously have better place on the list. This is where you need help from the Spiders. Spiders are bot owned by Google which crawl throughout the internet universe collecting URL and indexing them on the search engine.

First you must guide the Spiders to your site. Spiders crawl from one page to another via links. So, find a quite popular page to put your link on it. Social media sites are good choices. Be active on Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, Blog, etc. Send out comments. Write a lot. Share your thoughts. Once in a while, put your page link on them. And that’s what we call using Social Media Marketing for SEO.

This way Spiders has many routes to access your site. Okay, you’ve invited the Spiders, you guide them to your site, now you have to treat them nice. Build crawlable pages inside your website. The easiest technique is to always provide a sitemap page. This one page that contains all the link to your every pages is a really good friend for Spiders.

Don’t just depend on the sitemap. Every pages in your site should have exchange link one to another. This way, Spiders could keep coming back and this will raise your position on the search engine listing. But remember to use the page title as hyperlink. Don’t just use generic phrase like “click here” or “more details”, That won’t help the SEO.

More SEO tips and trick to come. So stay updated.