Porsche on the Hunt of Digital Agency

Porsche, manufacturer of high-performance luxury cars, is looking for a digital agency to handle its digital advertising work.

The Basic Rules of Mobile Web Design

Interaction on mobile web is done via finger taps, not mouse clicks. This creates a very different dynamic in terms of usability.

Use Fonts Effectively

We’ve seen millions of fonts available to use, but we can only pick a few web browser safe fonts for our web design (at least until all browsers fully support CSS3). Yeah, web safe fonts are boring but the most important thing is they appear fine in user’s end.

Search Box: Help Them, Help Us

Remember the power of content? We need to consistently update our content to survive in this harsh and face paced online marketing scene. Updating our web content means we keep adding more and more page to our site. Since we know that it is best not to remove our old content, we will have big… Continue reading Search Box: Help Them, Help Us

Drawing too Much Attention can Hurts Your Eye

Earlier, we’ve talked about using some technique on text content to pull user’s attention to certain parts of the article. We can use bold format, brighter color, ALL CAPS or even hyperlinks on important spots of the body text to catch people’s eye. The point is to make the certain parts of body text appear… Continue reading Drawing too Much Attention can Hurts Your Eye

Learn Good Web Designing by Visiting Bad Ones

Why bad website exist? Because without bad website, there won’t be any good website exists. Imagine all websites are good. They wouldn’t be called good website anymore. They’re just website. Not only that, by experiencing bad website, we know what we shouldn’t do when we design our own website. This maybe is a better way… Continue reading Learn Good Web Designing by Visiting Bad Ones

Little Favicon, Big Awareness

It’s amazing what a 16×16 pixel favicon (favorite icon) can do to strengthen brand awareness. Favicon is that little icon that shows up next to the website title at the address bar or tab bar. This little thing can do so much in representing your website or brand. It can appear everywhere. The most common… Continue reading Little Favicon, Big Awareness

Improve Readability

Web content itself isn’t enough to make maximum readability. Web design and layout also play their role in optimizing web readability. Be very careful if you use graphic image as background. If you don’t actually need it, better use plain background. It’s much easier for eye to read text on plain background than the one… Continue reading Improve Readability

Before Developing a Flash…

Flash is always been great if it’s built based on the right purpose and technique. There are some things to consider before we work on our flash development. Some clients want to use flash because just because it’s currently a happening trend. Now it’s the web agency task to remind them that representing corporate/brand image… Continue reading Before Developing a Flash…

Downsides of a Frame

Using frames in our web design may be excellent for web usability. Frame makes it easier for user to have header or footer appears all the time anywhere user go. But, using frames also have negative downsides, also in web usability matter. The URL of a framed page doesn’t change as user goes from page… Continue reading Downsides of a Frame