Use Fonts Effectively

Choosing what kind of fonts we use for our web content could be tricky. We’ve seen millions of fonts available to use, but we can only pick a few web browser safe fonts for our web design (at least until all browsers fully support CSS3). Yeah, web safe fonts are boring but the most important thing is they appear fine in user’s end.

Also make sure that we’re consistent in choosing the font type, size, spacing, and line-height. Don’t use many different formats in one website. Two or three formats are more than enough. Consistency also help user feel that they are still inside the same website as they click through pages.

Font size also needs to be adjusted carefully. Font size that is to big will consume more space and appear annoying for some readers. Font size too small can be uncomfortable to read especially for old or visually impaired reader. Keep our font size slightly above 12px. Keep experimenting until your content reach maximum readability and easily scanable.

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