Search Box: Help Them, Help Us

Remember the power of content? We need to consistently update our content to survive in this harsh and face paced online marketing scene. Updating our web content means we keep adding more and more page to our site. Since we know that it is best not to remove our old content, we will have big number of content in our site.

This is where search feature will come in handy to help user find specific content without have to browse through the long list of content archive. Search box must be a basic tool in web 2.0.

Put the search box on the top right of all pages. That is where user can find it easily. For the submit button, we can just design it to fits the web design theme. Or we can also use magnifying glass that has been widely known to symbolize site search.

Okay, that pretty much helps for user. Now what search feature does to help us?

Actually, the question is already answered. Search feature ease the user to find what they need, it helps them jump from one content to another easily. The advantage for use, more clicks, more hits, more pageviews.