Playboy Goes SFW

The giant player in lad magazine scene, Playboy, has planned to build a Safe-for-Work (SFW) website called This move is made to counter Playboy’s ‘tamer’ rival such as Maxim and Esquire that recently grab Playboy’s audience.


Aside of cutting over 100 positions inside the company last year, Playboy also made an influential high-profile hiring with Paul Lee of Peacock Equity joining them to head their digital ventures. Recently, Playboy also made it to pass Apple’s strict censorship of explicit content and approved for iPhone Application. This means Playboy has been able to step inside SFW ground.

But until now, there’s no official announcement about when will be officially launched. Playboy is currently focusing on its other digital moves which are mobile version of Playboy TV and interactive chat room. So it will be a while until we can browse SFW Playboy content without having to panic when our boss passed our desk.