Porsche on the Hunt of Digital Agency

Porsche, manufacturer of high-performance luxury cars, is looking for a digital agency to handle its digital advertising work. Porsche’s marketing department has been contacting agencies directly and initial meetings are due to take place this week.

The successful agency will be responsible for launching a major online campaign to help promote the Porsche Cayman. The brief is expected to cover online banner ads, digital videos and web design work.

Porsche views Cayman, a mid-engined two-seater sports car, as its “best-kept secret”, but now the German company decides to promote the model to a wider audience. It also wants to raise awareness of the new Cayman R, a lighter and more powerful model that was introduced to the market earlier this year.

Porsche has previously shied away from investing in digital advertising activity, instead focusing the bulk of its marketing budget on press and direct marketing campaigns.