Earlier, we’ve talked about using some technique on text content to pull user’s attention to certain parts of the article. We can use bold format, brighter color, ALL CAPS or even hyperlinks on important spots of the body text to catch people’s eye. The point is to make the certain parts of body text appear different among the rest.

Just to remind you, most internet users don’t like reading on screen, so they just scan. They scan the page and decide which one they should save in their mind and which one shouldn’t. Text differentiating can help them do this.

But be very careful, too much applying this technique in one article could create backfire. The idea of text differentiating is to make some words stand out among other regular fonts. If we apply this on too many words, the effect will fade. Not only that, it’s so unpleasant to the eye of the readers.

So choose your words wisely. Apply on very important part of the paragraph only. Not more than one or two per paragraph. And you don’t need to make a different text if the important point is on the very beginning of the paragraph, readers never miss that spot when they scan.

image: digitalimagemagazine.com