The Sad But Truth Fact About Daily Life Having Smartphone

Probably the main reason people buying smartphone is because the flexibility that it has. With having smartphone, you can easily open and close an application and then open another one without waiting for quite some time. But because you can easily open and close applications, you too can get easily distract by the features.

How Cell Phones Redefine College Experience

Due to the ubiquity of cell phones among college students, landline phones in dorms have become obsolete. Most college students in the U.S. nowadays don’t even bother to plug in their dorm-room phones because they already own a more powerful communication device with tons of awesome features, and such gadget seems to be exactly what… Continue reading How Cell Phones Redefine College Experience

InPulse: The First Smartwatch was Born

Allerta Inc. thinks it’s interesting to consider how the same element of computing and interactivity that has been added to cell phones can also be implemented to other gadgets people use in everyday life.

5 Mobile App Trends to Keep an Eye on

If mobile trend in 2010 was all about real-time notifications and in 2011 it is about localized content, better media support and cloud-based storage, the trends that are expected to take off in the near future include the following…

Android Becomes #1 Smartphone Platform in U.S.

According to a recent report from Nielsen, Android has eclipsed iPhone and Research In Motion (RIM) devices as the number one smartphone OS in the United States.

Social Media is Everywhere on the Street

Digital life isn’t only accessible from PC anymore. Smart phone users are everywhere these days. And they also like to let their friends know where they are and what they’ve been eating for lunch. Social media and smart phone unites to allow them do these things. Indonesia has been one of the biggest markets for… Continue reading Social Media is Everywhere on the Street