InPulse: The First Smartwatch was Born

Mobile phones have evolved into smartphones because these devices have basically become computers in the form of a cell phone which people can carry around. Allerta Inc. thinks it’s interesting to consider how the same element of computing and interactivity that has been added to cell phones can also be implemented to other gadgets people use in everyday life.

CEO Eric Migicovsky says that he is a passionate cyclist and wanted a way to check his email, SMS and calls in a hands-free devices. He wasn’t able to actually use his hands while cycling so he couldn’t effectively use a smartphone. He started thinking about how he could add smartphone capabilities to a watch, which he always wore when exercising. Thus, the Y Combinator-backed startup company developed the idea and this week launched its smartphone-like wristwatch, InPulse.

The device connects via Bluetooth to your phone and will deliver email alerts, messages and calls directly to the watch. The watch can connect wirelessly to all kinds of host devices: computers, laptops, and smartphones; and works with Android, Blackberry, Mac, Windows and Linux.

A bluetooth-enabled watch is not new, but InPulse has the ability to create apps for the device, which then adds some pretty impressive functionalities to a watch. The company has opened up its platform to developers and so far over 30 apps have been created for the watch, including an iTunes controller app and a Foursquare check-in app.

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