How Cell Phones Redefine College Experience

Due to the ubiquity of cell phones among college students, landline phones in dorms have become obsolete. Most college students in the U.S. nowadays don’t even bother to plug in their dorm-room phones because they already own a more powerful communication device with tons of awesome features, and such gadget seems to be exactly what they need.

College kids who own mobiles tend to use them to the fullest extent possible, but what exactly do they use those gadgets for? The infographic below will help you better understand the habits of the mobile-infested American students.

This infographic is based on an amusing study done by HackCollege, a student-powered life-hacking website. Some of the results are quite interesting, but not surprising.

As it turns out, 94% of college students are texting everyday88% regularly text in class, and, uh, 25% of them have been at one end of sexting or another. And since college kids care so much about their online persona, 97% of smartphone owners claim they use their devices for social networking.

57% of the students surveyed use smartphone, with Apple‘s iOS and Android as the most popular operating systems, holding an almost equal market share of 42% and 43% respectively.

Astonishingly, only 75% of college students sleep with their phones next to them. It’s really hard to believe that 25% still use dedicated alarm clocks, isn’t it?

Generation Mobile
Created by: HackCollege