Collaborate! Just because We’re not Alone

Promoting our website can be done in many ways.  Getting personally recommended is still the best way to reach users. We’ve talked about this in viral ad discussion earlier. This time we’ll dig about internet collaboration. We’re not the only one who wants to get clicked in this internet world. A lot of mutual traffic… Continue reading Collaborate! Just because We’re not Alone

Life Time SMM

There’s a huge difference between integrated online marketing with social media marketing. Integrated marketing campaign comes to an end when the goal is accomplished, but SMM, goes as long as your brand lives. Of course it’s a lifetime process. In SMM, you’re not just selling your brand. You’re making friends. You’re building relationship with your… Continue reading Life Time SMM

Video (doesn’t) Kill the Online Star

Online video is on the raise. Video is today’s most uploaded file on the internet. YouTube reach 1 billion views per day or over 41 million views per hour. From that number we can see that online video could be huge trend in 2010. Therefore, some web agencies may utilize this phenomenon and make some… Continue reading Video (doesn’t) Kill the Online Star

Have a Blog on the Side

When you have a corporate or brand website as the main dish of your online marketing campaign, then it is a good idea to add a corporate / brand blog as your side dish. This blog could help you boost traffic. It can contain anything but maybe the best topic is about your own expertise.… Continue reading Have a Blog on the Side

Basic Things of Branding through Facebook

Facebook isn’t only a place to share photo, update status, or poke friend. Especially if you got a brand to promote, don’t just think that way. Facebook is a really nice field to play with our internet marketing strategy. Just ask its millions of members. All you need is the right hand to handle this… Continue reading Basic Things of Branding through Facebook

Once Again, Why SEO?

We’ve been talking a lot about SEO. Now let’s go back far to the question of why you should use SEO at the first place. Here are some interesting facts about why SEO can be a powerful tool to support your internet marketing. First, internet wouldn’t be the same without search engine. Like it or… Continue reading Once Again, Why SEO?

This is What We Call Food Porn

Sometimes we enjoy movie not for its storyline. In fact, the kinds of movie we enjoy that way never have a storyline. It has no storyline but we watch it over and over again without getting bored. That’s the power of porn. Although most society still very strict on this issue, there’s no doubt that… Continue reading This is What We Call Food Porn

A Comic for A Day

Start your day with a laugh, and the rest of the day should be … about the same with not having laugh. Anyway, some comics to begin your day is always a good idea. Slapstick, satire, or even knock-knock joke could ease your mind before you were drown in the hell of everyday work. No… Continue reading A Comic for A Day

Cool Viral Video – The Piano Stairs

This actually is a documentation of public service campaign that attempt to drive people to use stairs instead of escalator. They use some kind of ambience advertising method and ends up successfully. Volkswagen gives it a little twist at the end and there goes the excellent viral video.

What the “F”, David Blaine!

This is one of the most retarded yet awesome video in YouTube called “David Blaine’s Street Magic, YouTube Edition”. It’s a spoof of David Blaine’s magic pieces. It’s a smart way to show idiocy. All the cast perfectly do their part. It’s now a YouTube phenomenon with more than 25 million views. Watch it and… Continue reading What the “F”, David Blaine!