Life Time SMM

There’s a huge difference between integrated online marketing with social media marketing. Integrated marketing campaign comes to an end when the goal is accomplished, but SMM, goes as long as your brand lives.

Of course it’s a lifetime process. In SMM, you’re not just selling your brand. You’re making friends. You’re building relationship with your target market. When you begin social media program, that means you’re in a commitment to engage and communicate with people.

SMM can be a part of integrated marketing campaign. But don’t just use it for single short term objective. When you begin SMM, you will try to get as many fans, members, friends, or followers which are your target market. At some point, you will get many of them. And at some point, your marketing campaign program would come to an end.

Some corporates would ask their partnering web agency to stop the SMM when the campaign period is over.

The worst thing you could do at this point is just stop maintaining your SMM account. That would be such a big waste. First, you will lose those big numbers of ‘friends’ that you actually can use for other campaign. Second, those big numbers of friends may regret ever involved with your account knowing they’re there just to be neglected. You’ll lose your credibility.

Even if the marketing campaign is over, stay involved with them. Just interact in the way a friend would do.

So SMM is a never ending moves. As long as your brand lives, your SMM must never stop.