Once Again, Why SEO?

We’ve been talking a lot about SEO. Now let’s go back far to the question of why you should use SEO at the first place. Here are some interesting facts about why SEO can be a powerful tool to support your internet marketing.

First, internet wouldn’t be the same without search engine. Like it or not, people use search engine to surf the internet ocean of information. About 400 million people use search engine to find their needed information. That amount is equal around 92% of internet user worldwide.

Your website definitely would be listed by the search engine robot. But it’s not easy to get on top of the list. About 93% of search engine users never get to the third page of their search result. Most of them only look around page 1 and 2. Why? Because they would think only the top listed are trusted and competent (especially when it comes to brand).

How to get on top of the list? SEO is the answer.