Basic Things of Branding through Facebook

Facebook isn’t only a place to share photo, update status, or poke friend. Especially if you got a brand to promote, don’t just think that way. Facebook is a really nice field to play with our internet marketing strategy. Just ask its millions of members. All you need is the right hand to handle this massive opportunity.

What can we do in Facebook? Many things. Absolutely many things. We can start with creating group page. We don’t need an expert programmer to do this, for it was very easy to create. Group page is where people gather and interact with each other. We can create a community here.

Don’t also forget about Page. Create a page about your brand. Page can give your brand its fans. You should use Page and Group together to get more exposure. Use group to initiate interaction between members, and use Page to focus  on branding activity.

When you’re branding, don’t forget that you’re dealing with real human here. They don’t trust ad. You must act as a part of community too. Talk to them about something they love to talk about. Give them something interesting to discus. It’s not always have to be about your brand.

And the last thing is always try to go beyond facebook. You have a twitter account use it. You have a plurk account, use it. Use every social media you can have to get more exposure.

And that’s just the basic of how we do social media marketing.

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