Promoting our website can be done in many ways.  Getting personally recommended is still the best way to reach users. We’ve talked about this in viral ad discussion earlier. This time we’ll dig about internet collaboration.

We’re not the only one who wants to get clicked in this internet world. A lot of mutual traffic support opportunity is opening out there. Then collaborate! So we could save time and money plus expand our network.

Internet Collaboration

There are many ways to do internet collaboration. One of them is joint blogs or sites. Get a blog or simple website consists of you and other suitable people related to your field. For example: you are a recording studio owner, so it should be a good idea to collaborate with some music instrument clinic, band manager, gig organizer, or event band fans club.

Together you’ll create content supporting each other in one blog/site. That way we can generate more content update and wider topic to reach more viewers.

Or, you don’t have to be in the same blog with people you’re collaborating. Just do some content exchanging. Find other site that runs in the related topic with your field. Contact the admin, and ask if it’s possible to exchange content with them. If it’s a deal, you may put their content and link back to their site, and vice versa. Again, less work, less time, more traffic.

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