SEO For Flash: Basic Rules and Tips

So, Flash and SEO aren’t a match made in heaven. But despite the fact that crawlers aren’t the biggest fans of Flash content, there are cases when an invisible Flash-driven website can be turned into a proper spider-readable one. Before we get into that, let’s have a look at the basic rules of Flash website… Continue reading SEO For Flash: Basic Rules and Tips

Before Developing a Flash…

Flash is always been great if it’s built based on the right purpose and technique. There are some things to consider before we work on our flash development. Some clients want to use flash because just because it’s currently a happening trend. Now it’s the web agency task to remind them that representing corporate/brand image… Continue reading Before Developing a Flash…

SEO Friendly Flash II

Let’s get back to turning your flash files become Google’s crawler good friend. Google still evolve its ability to crawl flash files, but that doesn’t mean flash file is getting left behind today. These few moves can get your flash containing site get listed. Don’t use flash as your navigation. Navigation is the main road… Continue reading SEO Friendly Flash II

Ad Banner: Animation Rules!

People hate ads. We must face it. But that doesn’t mean we have to give up. We always have one shot to capture visitor with our well designed and well placed web ad banner. People always avoid ad-like element in web pages. That’s just their behavior. Nothing we can do about it. But, we should… Continue reading Ad Banner: Animation Rules!

Music in Flash

Music makes flash more interesting. Even flash programmers can’t resist the temptation of inserting bunch of music files into their Flash work. Of course there’s nothing wrong with adding background music to flash files. But it has some disadvantages. The file could be heavier, and the Flash will take more time to load. But we… Continue reading Music in Flash

SEO Friendly Flash

So you’re a flash addict and all your sites must have flash inside it. It’s okay, you still can do some SEO with a flash website. First, you better put your flash files inside regular HTML files. You sure want to include some Meta information in your site for it is a really good spider… Continue reading SEO Friendly Flash

Flash Does Improve Everything

Who doesn’t want a Flash in their site at this day. Flash is like the marker of modern web development. This absolutely can improve any website to a great extent. But… only if applied wisely. For example, mind the loading time. People will leave the Flash before they can enjoy it if it takes too… Continue reading Flash Does Improve Everything

Explode Things to Kill Time

What is so exciting about newly bought electronics such as powerful desktop speaker? Of course the speaker! But if you stop right there, you probably never enjoy the sensation of blowing up bubble wrap. Bubble wrap’s always been fun. Now you don’t have to buy fancy electronic to get one. Just have enough time to… Continue reading Explode Things to Kill Time