Music makes flash more interesting. Even flash programmers can’t resist the temptation of inserting bunch of music files into their Flash work. Of course there’s nothing wrong with adding background music to flash files. But it has some disadvantages. The file could be heavier, and the Flash will take more time to load.

But we shouldn’t worry to much about that anymore. Flash today can compress and stream sound files. What we should worry more is the audience. Most people enjoy spending their time in front of the screen while listening to music. Their own selection of music with their own audio file player. The auto playing music in our flash can disturb their music.

So why don’t we provide some audio controller in our flash. People can decrease the volume or totally turn it off. So they will have choice. They can turn the flash audio off and enjoy their own playlist. Or they can turn their iTunes off so they get to enjoy our flash at its best.

Give them options of how they want to enjoy our site, because good user experience means good web usability.