Ad Banner: Animation Rules!

People hate ads. We must face it. But that doesn’t mean we have to give up. We always have one shot to capture visitor with our well designed and well placed web ad banner.

People always avoid ad-like element in web pages. That’s just their behavior. Nothing we can do about it. But, we should hit them hard with something that really eye-catching. Animation will do. Using animation could increase the chance for our ads of being seen. But we must also be careful.

First, make the file size as small as possible. Fast loading time is very important. We must catch user attention before they leave. Also, take a look at the web page we will advertise on, before designing an ad. Make an ad design that matches the web page. Make people think that your banner is not an ad but just another part of the web page.

And about the message in the animation. It should be put at the first frame and the last frame. Why the first frame? Because some user might stop the loading process before the file completely loaded. If this happen, the animation will just show the first frame static. This way, your message would be appear perfectly.

Why the last frame? Other people may let the page load completely but ignoring the animation. At some point the animation has to stop looping. This is where the message appear and stay like that until the page is reloaded. So user might miss the moving picture but there’s a big chance that they see our message.