SEO For Flash: Basic Rules and Tips

Implementing SEO for Flash

So, Flash and SEO aren’t a match made in heaven. But despite the fact that crawlers aren’t the biggest fans of Flash content, there are cases when an invisible Flash-driven website can be turned into a proper spider-readable one.

Before we get into that, let’s have a look at the basic rules of Flash website optimization first:

One, don’t expect it to be perfect. Spiders can’t read the insides of a Flash file without assistance, and even with assistance, don’t expect them to crawl and index all your Flash content.

Two, don’t expect it to be all-Flash. Flash content won’t be included in search results or only partially indexed, so if you care about SEO, building a site entirely in Flash is a decision you’re gonna regret later.

Optimizing Flash Websites

Search engines are capable of indexing content in a Flash-based website only if the site is properly set up for SEO. To create the right balance when it comes to using Flash and implementing SEO for Flash, consider these tips:

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