Who doesn’t want a Flash in their site at this day. Flash is like the marker of modern web development. This absolutely can improve any website to a great extent. But… only if applied wisely. For example, mind the loading time. People will leave the Flash before they can enjoy it if it takes too much time to load.

There are many web element can be build based on Flash. The first and the most common use of Flash is animation. Turn simple part of your website into something more fun and enjoyable. Little boring things like menus, button, header, or other snippets can be replaced by exciting Flash animation. Flash animation can also be used to direct visitor eyes to particular part of your website.

Also don’t forget about Flash game. There are so much fun people can get from a really simple game. Unlike traditional computer game, people don’t need to work hard on installing the game before they can enjoy it. Here are some examples of Flash game.


Another use of Flash: audio/video player. More people willing to see more than just text and static picture. So give them some video to watch online. Before Flash exist, we just give them the link to download or stream the video file so they can run it on their own video player. But not today… We got Flash now, we can just stream the video and watch it directly from browser. Much more faster and easier.

That’s right, Flash does improve everything, but only if it’s built by the right hand.