Mike Pacifico, business consultant for MeeGenius, saw a huge dog-loving market that hasn’t yet been given an engaging place to do their social networking, thus created Pawsley.

Pawsley is an interactive social networking and social shopping experiment that will allow dog owners to connect, share, shop, and earn rewards.

By creating a well-integrated social networking and shopping platform, Pawsley offers a truly interactive environment for the dog enthusiasts. Such an environment also presents an attractive channel through which business owners may offer exclusive deals to a highly targeted, captive community.

Pacifico said while there are already many social networking websites for dogs, two of the most popular being Dogbook and Dogster, the user experience is not excellent because of these sites’ strategy to earn more revenue by displaying large banner ads sacrifices the clean UI. So, in order to ensure a cleaner site design, Pawsley has opted against using ads and instead gone for a “daily deal” model focused on dog-related products and services.