Israel Is The Worldwide Leader in Social Network Use

There are many things come to mind when you think of Israel, but “social media addiction” is definitely not one of them… at least not until recently. Much to everyone’s surprise, including mine, a new report released by comScore revealed that Internet users in the Middle Eastern country are the world’s biggest users of social… Continue reading Israel Is The Worldwide Leader in Social Network Use

What Has Social Media Done to Our Mind?

There’s no doubt that social media and social networking have drastically changed the way we humans interact with each other. The question is, is it actually destroying rather than changing the way? The debate on whether online communication is hampering or enhancing the human mind has been ongoing for, like, forever. Like so many technologies… Continue reading What Has Social Media Done to Our Mind?

How Cell Phones Redefine College Experience

Due to the ubiquity of cell phones among college students, landline phones in dorms have become obsolete. Most college students in the U.S. nowadays don’t even bother to plug in their dorm-room phones because they already own a more powerful communication device with tons of awesome features, and such gadget seems to be exactly what… Continue reading How Cell Phones Redefine College Experience

Just Another Milestone: Instagram Hits 150 Million Uploaded Photos

Back in June, Instagram hit a milestone of 5 million users, and when it did, the total number of photos shared on the service was 95 million. Given the rate of growth, this number was expected to pass 100 million shortly. Though Instagram’s 4-person team missed pointing out that milestone, on Wednesday they announced that Instagrammers have now uploaded… Continue reading Just Another Milestone: Instagram Hits 150 Million Uploaded Photos

Zaarly: Anything You Want From People Nearby

Former VP of Entrepreneurship for the Kauffman Foundation, Bo Fishback, has certainly seen a lot of startups labeled “the next big thing,” but perhaps none of them were predicted to be as huge as Zaarly.

5 Mobile App Trends to Keep an Eye on

If mobile trend in 2010 was all about real-time notifications and in 2011 it is about localized content, better media support and cloud-based storage, the trends that are expected to take off in the near future include the following…

Know Your Meme Purchased by Cheezburger Network For A Seven-Figure Deal

Know Your Meme, the online encyclopedia that documents viral phenomena, has been purchased by Cheezburger Network, the Internet funnies colossus which includes LOL sites like Fail Blog, Memebase, The Daily What and The Art of Trolling.

Sniff Around on Pawsley, The Facebook for Dogs

Pawsley is an interactive social networking and social shopping experiment that will allow dog owners to connect, share, shop, and earn rewards.

Say Great Things About Your Friends… with Stars

On February 4, Frank introduced, a social-network-slash-social-game based around the action of giving people Stars.

Facebook to Integrate XBox

Social networking and console gaming are about to collide. According to a number of sources, the new Facebook Xbox integration will have its beta go live anytime this month. The full release is coming up on November 17th. What actually will we get when the most used social stream merge with the most advanced gaming… Continue reading Facebook to Integrate XBox