Microsoft revealed on Tuesday (3/8) that the beta and Release Candidate RC version of Internet Explorer 9 have managed to garner 36 million downloads.

Microsoft previously disclosed that Internet Explorer 9 beta had received 10 million downloads at the end of October, 15 million in early December then hit 20 million in early January and 23 million in February. The disclosure of 36 million downloads shows a rapid increase in downloads, mainly because of the RC version which has been available since February. Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer previously said that IE9 is the most downloaded beta release of Internet Explorer ever.

Starting next Monday, March 14th at 9pm Pacific time, you’ll be able to download the final version.

Considering that the beta has already gotten as many downloads as it has, the final product release will be a big event. The launch coincides with South by Southwest, where the IE9 team says it looks forward to chilling with the likes of Internet favorite Ze Frank and musical artists Yeasayer, the Head and the Heart, and Fences.