On Monday, Breakfast Interactive Agency released Instaprint, a lunchbox-sized device that turns photos modified with the iPhone app Instagram into physical prints.

The currently beta-tested photo printer is programmed to automatically detect and print photos tagged with a specific location or hashtag. Each photo is printed with an ink-less printing technology called Zink. Like traditional Polaroid photos, Zink technology forms the colors from the Zink paper.

The New York-based interactive agency will be positioning Instaprint to take over the SXSW interactive arts festival in Austin, Texas this week. During SXSW, Instaprint will be featured at The Good Capitalist Party (6PM on 3/12 at Union Park, 612 W 6th St) and BeerCamp (8PM on 3/13 at Emo’s, 603 Red River St), among many others.

The finished version of Instaprint will be released to event organizers and other interested parties on March 18.

If you’re interested in seeing how Instaprint works now for yourself, you can watch a live stream of photos being printed at Instaprint.me.