Twitter can be a very powerful Social Media Optimization tool. But if we use it unwisely, it could drive followers away. Most people enjoy Twitter because they get quick update from many people they follow, not extremely frequent update from just one people.

Too often tweet can be a real annoyance to our follower, so it’s a good idea to be strategic in deciding when and how often to tweet.

It’s just best to tweet around 1 to 5 times a day. At least we have to tweet once in a day. Just to let people know that our profile is alive. And stick to maximum 5 tweets per day. Don’t get to focus creating our own tweet. Go outside, retweet and reply people you’re following.

Since we limit our tweets, it’s important to post updates on the best time possible. In Indonesia, people are accessing Twitter 24/7 from their phone, but many people still use computer to tweet. One of the Twitter prime time is on 8am-9am. This is when people just coming into their office. They sit down, they turn on the computer, and they check their Twitter before focusing on their work.

Another prime time is 12pm-2pm, which is lunch time and after lunch. And the last prime time of the day could be end of workday which is around 5pm-6pm.Those are the best times to tweet and catch your followers eye.

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