Content On Facebook, Think You Are An Expert?

Most social media administrator / strategist / planners think they have grasped them all, but as they advance their knowledge in Social Media often they forget this one important thing. Content is the most powerful element within the social media.

Optimizing Facebook Page For SEO

In a white paper published by BrightEdge last month, nearly 100% of top 200 companies listed on Fortune 500 are reported to hold the top rank in the SERPs for their brand name. However the study also found that 70% of these top brands didn’t have Facebook Pages in the top 20 search engine results. That means,… Continue reading Optimizing Facebook Page For SEO

What Makes A Topic Trend on Twitter

“You might expect the most prolific tweeters or those with most followers would be most responsible for creating such trends, but that’s not the case,” says Bernardo Huberman

Your Video on Google’s Top List

YouTube has turned into an ally you need for your newest strategy to win Google’s favor: Video SEO.

How Twitter can Boost Small Business

To use this tool as a channel of our business communication, is undoubtedly a smart move.

How Often We should Tweet

Twitter can be a very powerful Social Media Optimization tool. But if we use it unwisely, it could drive followers away. Most people enjoy Twitter because they get quick update from many people they follow, not extremely frequent update from just one people. Too often tweet can be a real annoyance to our follower, so… Continue reading How Often We should Tweet