Fly Banner Advertising – What A Twist!

Jung Von Matt agency has it all. In October 2009, at the recent Frankfurt book convention, they attached small banners to 200 flies and set them loose to do their jobs as miniature sky ads around the convention center.In German, it’s called as Fliegenbanner. Fliegenbanner, what a silly word.

No flies were harmed during this stunt.
But a lot of people laughed.

The weight of the banner itself, attached with a string and some sticky stuff that allowed it to eventually fall off without harming the fly, was so that the fly could fly with it, but not very high and they kept landing on visitors. Do flies get short of breath?

This is a very interesting way to market a product. Although this may not be a perfect way to market a product, but this definitely catches attention to its target audience.

Watch the video below: