Facebook Introduces New Applications, Paper.

After being successful, Facebook wants to hit the digital world once again with their newest application, some time ago Facebook officially introduced the Paper. Unlike rumor says, the paper is not a digital newspaper, but Facebook itself. Maybe now you are bored with the look of the news feed on your facebook accounts, because they… Continue reading Facebook Introduces New Applications, Paper.

The Only Way to Fight Piracy Is to Cut Prices

Illegal copying of movies, music, video games and software is “better described as a global pricing problem”

42% of Tweets Come From Third-Party Twitter Apps

So, how to explain the gap between Twitter’s 90% claim and Sysomos’ data analysis that shows Twitter only has 58% market share?

Our Heart Goes to People in Christchurch

Deep condolence to all the victim of Christchurch earthquake (22 February 2011). Our heart goes out to all residents and everyone who’s got friends and family there.

R.I.P. Google Wave

On Wednesday (August 4, 2010) Google Inc has announced that they have put the development of Google Wave to rest.