After being successful, Facebook wants to hit the digital world once again with their newest application, some time ago Facebook officially introduced the Paper. Unlike rumor says, the paper is not a digital newspaper, but Facebook itself.

Maybe now you are bored with the look of the news feed on your facebook accounts, because they look messy and it is not interesting to read. Then it is time for you to switch to Paper. This application provides a service to help users explore and share stories, news or content from your facebook friends and other sources. Paper getting a lot of praise because it has a variety of unique ways to make someone to read, browses or share content or story.

Reading the News Feed from your Facebook accounts will not be the same anymore, because it has lots of feature such as full-screen photo viewing and unique layouts that is different to Facebook at the moment. You can also choose any topic or theme you want, for example photography, design, sports or any subject you like. The topic you are searching will come from a variety of news sources that are already known. It called Paper because user will have the newspaper reading experience, not only message but it also contains posts, photo that can be enlarged and video. If content that was seen in the form of high-resolution photos, then you can shake up (tilt) your phone to browse photos in full screen.

It is not a Facebook if there is no button ‘thumb’. Not only read and share the content, you can also leave a comment, share and re-pressing the thumb if you like the articles. Here’s a video demo you can see directly to imagine that such application will be successful.


Paper is the first product created by Facebook Creative Labs it is devoted to make useful innovations. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the paper is only the beginning, lot more to come Facebook fails to make Poke to compete with Snapchat and now believed to become success with Paper.

Paper itself is not yet available for download, this application is planned to be available for iOS on February 3, and it was just limited to the U.S. market. So, let us pray together that this application will be released globally. To tell you the truth, by seeing the demo video makes me want to get back open the facebook.