R.I.P. Google Wave

On Wednesday (August 4, 2010) Google Inc has announced that they have put the development of Google Wave to rest. Google blog said that “it set a high bar for what was possible in a web browser”. True, this collaboration tool allows user to see character-per-character live typing, drag-and-drop file from desktop, and it has numerous Google Wave bot that made online collaboration much easier and fun.

The preview version of Google Wave buzzed massively last year. Not everyone can be user of this breakthrough.  People are sending request for invitation. Those who got replied were cheering and screaming. Those who hasn’t, still waiting in hope. Those who don’t want to wait, search for the invitation sold on eBay. In Jakarta, most people (many from digital or online communication industry such as web agency) are also getting buzzed  with this new web apps.

Most Google Wave users see this as a innovative and powerful tool. Google’s in house developer also enthusiast about making this tools more usable. But despite all of that high rated review, Google state that Wave isn’t adopted by user in the way Google wants it. That’s why they decided to stop developing it as standalone product.

But all the technology inside it such as live typing will still be alive as open source and will be used in other coming or existing Google product.

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