How People Spend Their Time Online

From this infographic that Go Gulf created, we know that only 30% of world’s population that use internet. This infographic objective is to show how people behavior using internet everywhere around the world. Another fact of internet users behaviors is that the average time that global internet user spent online per month is 16 hours.

People spend most of their time online is for social networking (22% of their time) and the most visited social networking site is Facebook, the rest of how people spend their time online are for searching, reading content, email/communication, visiting multimedia sites and online shopping. One of the interesting facts is that in a day Google receives more than 1 billion search queries.

Three Europe countries leading the top countries with highest online population, they are United Kingdom, Germany and France. This infographic also showing the world’s online population by region, popular activities on internet, top 10 most visited web with properties such as unique visitors per month and time spent per person per on those sites and highest and least growing trends of the future.

The full image of the infographic can be seen below: