Cheating in School, Cheating in Digital Life, Cheating in Real Life

I found an infographic that illustrates how student nowadays use internet to cheat in school. Most of student think that copy-and-paste is allowable and legal. Moreover, in this digital technology era, people get ease more to do such thing.

How People Spend Their Time Online

From this infographic that Go Gulf created, we know that only 30% of world’s population that use internet. This infographic objective is to show how people behavior using internet everywhere around the world. Another fact of internet users behaviors is that the average time that global internet user spent online per month is 16 hours.

Life Before Mobile Phone Exists

At this time on digital age,  I really believe most of you check your mobile phone right after you wake up. And some of you really rely on your mobile phone. Check emails, social media, calls, instant messaging, etc. Have you ever imagine your life without Mobile Phone?