Blackberry Z10’s Price Drops to US$99, Lower Prestige for Blackberry?

Where is Blackberry’s position nowadays among other popular operating sytems, such as Android, iOS, and Windows Phone? Back in a few years ago where Research In Motion (RIM) was on the top, Blackberry dominates smartphone market in almost all over the world. And now, there’s a news said that the new Blackberry unit, Blackberry Z10 has its price down in several telecommunications companies in The United States.

AT&T and Vertigo sell Blackberry Z10 for $US99 or around Rp 990.000,-, meanwhile in Amazon, this smartphone’s price is only $US49. What a surprising number! So why does the price drop a lot? The company itself needs to do that to boost the Blackberry sales. “Now is the right time to adjust the price,” a BlackBerry spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal. “It’s part of life cycle management to tier the pricing for current devices to make room for the next ones.”

Thorsten Heins, as the Blackberry Chief Executive, admits that this Blackberry Z10 is not as what he expected before. The chief himself had left the company in June. Therefore, Blackberry seems need much effort to get competed with other technology companies. However, in Indonesia, it seems that people still needs Blackberry in their social life, especially with its Blackberry Messenger. What about you? Still interested with this smartphone?

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