Google World Wonders Project, Going Everywhere from One Place

Google will always be innovative, enough said. If you are the one who love exploring wonderful things in this world, try Google World Wonders Project. This platform enables us to go to several historical sites in the world by Street View feature from Google. So we don’t have to go anywhere to visit those wonderful places. With only one click from your PC, laptop or other gadgets you have, you can access and ready to explore more things from this mysterious world.

What is Google World Wonders Project? This platform combines Google Street View, 3D models, Youtube and other Google technologies that will bring us to modern and ancient world heritage sites by online. There are 132 historic sites from 18 countries to discover, such as Stonehenge in England, Kyoto Temples in Japan and archaeological areas of Pompeii in Italy. Yes, you can bring all those wonderful places into your room, your class room, your meeting room or even your bathroom.

Google makes Google World Wonders Project to gather and organize information about cultures in the world and make it accessible to everyone. So it’s also useful for the future generation who want to know and learn about historical sites digitally. For your information, this project also partnered with several organizations, such as UNESCO, the World Monuments Fund, Getty Images and Ourplace. Therefore, will be more and more information and photos you can get there.

What more to do by Google is useful for us, especially this project, which can be a knowledge tool for students, teachers or even researcher. Google World Wonders Project can be learning facility to know this world better in interactive and innovative way. Check out this video!

Pic: Laughingsquid