Why You Don’t Do Your Own SEO

So you would think that you can handle your own SEO for your site. You know what to do to put your site on the top of search result. And you think why would you waste your budget on some SEO agency. Here’s the answer.

Firstly, SEO is a fast paced field to play on. Search engine hates SEO and that’s why they always change the logarithm that decide which page deserve the top spot and which page should be dumped. It needs an expert to keep up with this. SEO agency always have the knowledge of the latest search engine logarithm and always find new tricks to raise your traffic. Keeping up with the current SEO trend will make you left out in your own business. So just focus on your business, and let the SEO agency do their piece.

Effective SEO takes time and hard work. You may think spending one or two hour per day doing SEO activity is enough to get on top. But that’s not even how to do SEO. Every other SEO player spend all day to get a good spot on search result. One or two hour per day cannot surpass them. Will you spend all day to do SEO. Of course not. Digital agency will, because they have nothing to do beside doing SEO all day.

image: hostwisely.com