Easy Accessible Account Page

User’s information such as emails and other contact data is valuable things in internet marketing. With those information in our hand, it will be easier to blast campaign message to our target audience. On of the way to grab those information is by grabbing users to be member of our website.

In order to get user to be a member of our site, we must provide an easy accessible and usable account page, right from the day they want to register, until the day they’d unsubscribe.

First of all, we must provide link to register and login form on all page in the site. Maybe we had some feature that can only be enjoyed by member. So when a non member interested to enjoy it, allow them to easily find a way to register (or login if they’ve already had an account).

In the registration page/form, let user know all the benefit they will have by becoming a member. Otherwise, they will think that browsing just as non member is enough to give them the best of your site. Also don’t forget to put privacy policy statement in the registration page. Most Indonesian user will not read this, but still this is an important thing to let your user know that their confidential information is respected.

Also put some information that any info they provide when registering can be changed later. This makes user feel easier and more comfortable giving information about their profile. And don’t lie! We have to give them “Change Profile” option after they’re already registered.

Next is the logged-in status. If you have to place login/register link clearly when user browse as non-member, you also have to give them clear sign that they’ve already logged-in and browse your site as member. The easiest thing to do this is to replace your “log in” link that is shown in every page, with user’s member name.

And then if your site offers regular newsletter subscription, make sure to give your member the option to unsubscribe. Giving unique and persuasive unsubscription page is very encourage. Here’s an example of the best unsubscription page we’ve ever seen.

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