When developing or revamp a website, the first priority that you have to decide is to make a search engine friendly website. There are many techniques to make a website search friendly. Among these techniques, there are simple techniques that can be done easily. The first technique is to make a responsive website. Lately, many of website’s visitors are from mobile devices. About half of the search made by consumers made them to visit the store in the next few days.

Having responsive website made it easy for consumers to access a website from any type of devices like laptop, smartphone, or tablet. In developer’s point of view, you don’t need to create lots of page only to adjust into different screen size. You only need to develop responsive template that will adjust itself according to device screen size. For the platform, you can choose to have website using static HTML template files or using CMS or content management system that provides responsive templates. WordPress, as a popular CMS, can help you to create basic website, online store, blog, forum, and many more.

The next web design technique is to include important text. Text is the best option to help search engine bots crawl. This is the reason why content marketing is included as important marketing tool. Because a website should has some text on each page. Even if the text is a short description that has no more than 150 words is much better than a blank page. After uploading a video or an image, don’t forget to include a text transcription below.

Title and meta description are also important parts to add. With title should have no more that 60 characters and less than 160 characters for meta description. Both of these need to be optimized with important keywords. Do not put important information, like phone number or contact address as picture, instead place them at the bottom of the page. This way can make it easier for search bots to crawl and for visitors that are interested about the offering. Don’t forget to insert important keywords in URL address. These techniques could boost keyword optimization of the page and can help visitors to identify the context of the page.

Optimizing image is another simple web design technique for having search engine friendly website. Optimizing image with text will increase its search visibility. Optimized image improve a chance to appear more often on search engine. Ways to optimize image are by renaming image file with specific keyword, insert ALT tag attribute to image and create caption to describe image.

Using text-based navigation structure is the last simple web design technique. Website link navigation structure needs to be based on the organization of the website. For instance, you can link your page to a category page or important webpage. But, don’t forget to think about user experience. So, when creating website’s navigation structure, you shouldn’t take your links into three levels deep. Website’s navigation structure should be an important part for visitors to understand and also for search bots to crawl.