Social Media can be a powerful marketing weapon, but if it used unwisely, it also is a powerful weapon to bring you down.

A famous Indonesian wafer brand recently publish a super fail FB Page status. The screen cap of the status is shown below:

The status update says: “Waahhh Ramee yaa berita tentang video2 ariel ,…banyak yang nungguin episode berikutnyaa..kamu udah nonton episode apa ajaa? nonton bareng sama temen2 yaa? wah jadi ngumpul seruu dong hihihihi ..*kriukkriukkriuk-ngunyah n$$$$*”

In English: “Wow, ariel’s video now in a buzz.. people are expecting the next series.. which series have you guys watch? did you watched it together with your friends? it’s so cool you hangout together. hihihi..  *munching on n$$$$*”

Ariel’s leaked porn video is being a major issue in Indonesia in past few days. Everyone is talking about it. But using it on social media optimization to get inside public conversation: Not smart!

Another super fail status update published to counter that bad moves. The status update is shown below:

It says: “Dear all..N$$$$$ Wafers mau klarifikasi..ada yang hack acc. Facebook kita..N$$$$$ Wafer sama sekali tidak pernah menyinggung ataupun mengajak untuk menyaksikan video para artis yang sedang hangat dibicarakan…
Kami sedang menyelidiki masalah ini..mohon maaf atas ketidaknyamanannya..”

In English: “Dear all.. N$$$$$ Wafers would like to clarify.. someone hacked our facebook account.. N$$$$$ Wafer never talk about or call everyone to watch the trending artist video… We’re currently investigating the issue.. sorry for the inconvenience”

This is also not a nice move. Blaming everything to hackers do not get the people’s sympathy back. The best move this brand should do is apologize first before making any further statement. Admit that they just made a wrong move and make sure the same thing will never happen again. End of story.