Website has and always been a constant source of revenue with form of digital for business and organizations. With the help of SEO practices, website owners can increase their incoming by being the top ranking of the industry that they are involved in search engine result pages. Standard SEO practices may not get your business going anywhere to the top, so there are few fixes that could be done to make the website effecting more greatly for the business.

Here are 5 easy fixes to increase SEO result through developer mode:

  1. Changing from HTTP to HTTPS

In the last few years, Google, as the biggest search engine, includes website security as positive point for a website to get higher ranking. If website owners want to secure their site, one of many ways to do this is to using SSL encryption. Right now, many “big” websites have already using HTTPS, saying that their website is using SSL. Using this technique is not only going to make visitors safe but also getting higher rank in search engine result page.

  1. Improving website navigation

Don’t avoid this element, because website navigation is a critical part of visitor’s experience. Difficult or misplaced navigation to trek is not only going to make visitors confused, slowing their action and don’t know how to exit, but also going bring negative effect to website. With website having simple navigation is enough to make visitors feels ease to find what they are looking for and to surf across the website.

  1. Improving page load speed

Slow load website is a pain in the ass. With the trend nowadays is about instant access, so slow websites are making easy for visitors to leave and forget about them. Not only visitor, Google also has taking this factor to consideration and includes as one of the major valuation for website authority and rankings. To improve website’s load speed there are 2 easy things to do. The first thing to do is to remove unused plug-ins and modules and the second one is to reduce image size, not resolution but size.

  1. Redirecting Broken URLs

With all of the search engines have crawlers to check every part of the website including URLs; this is going affect badly to websites that have lots of broken URLs. Because if website owners didn’t do anything about broken URLs and visitors often visit error page, search engines are going to decrease website rankings. Today, there are many tools that can be use to check broken links on the website. Website owners are recommended to do the checking every month.

  1. Updating non-optimized URLs

Before get introduced to SEO, website URLs are probably look like this /13879689370.html. Now website owners can improve their website SEO value by changing old un-optimized URLs to SEO friendly by adding keyword, title or phrase that is what the page is talking about.