Search engine optimization is needed to website getting more traffic in the right way. Good SEO strategy becomes, not only one of the most efficient ways but also one of the most effective ways for businesses and brands to drive visitors to their websites. Meaning that getting more visitors brings more revenue. The most basic knowledge that companies know about SEO strategy are great contents, quality backlinks, and optimized on-page SEO. These are important factors to improve organic traffic that a website gets, but only few companies that realize site speed is also a huge factor for website’s ranking. Fixing site speed is an important task to increase visitors.

A new research showing that, 47% of internet users wanted a website to load less than 2 seconds. Even though, in reality page load is different across the web. The research also found that, the limit time for a user to feel that the system is responding instantaneously to the their request is 0.1 seconds, limit time for users to remain uninterrupted while waiting for a website to load is 1 seconds and the limit time to keep user’s attention fixed on a website page and the task in hand is 10 seconds. Users most likely to leave if a website page taking too long to load, and based on research that said 73% of internet users will leave a slow load website when they visit on peak times.

Nowadays, accessing internet from any devices is getting faster and more advanced, with this reason, internet users hoping many websites can improve their load speed. Because slow loading websites can only bring frustration, distraction and interrupt working flow and slowing down online activity and productivity. Because nowadays, accessing internet is solely no longer for computer, mobile web is another way to access internet.

Many internet users hoping that using mobile device can make website to load less than 2 seconds. With mobile networks are not as fast as wired networks, means that websites need to load faster and more streamline. With websites getting faster to load, it will felt more responsive to users, giving their trust in the site and have bigger chance to make users make a purchase or visit the site more often. The first step to increase website speed is to choose which server to host the website and pick the right CMS platform for website needs.

Website speed is not only affecting users but also website owners. With the research said that a one second delay in page load can cost a business about 7% of its sales. If fact, a study in US revealed that, 51% of online shoppers decided not to complete a purchase if the eCommerce website that they use is too slow. Even though, speed is not the only thing that can impact sales but it plays a huge role. After all, a slow website page can make customers leave. For online website to survive in the industry, having a fast website to load is a huge advantage.

For SEO, improving user experience and make website more convenient are few of Google’s top priorities. If user experience affected from page speed, then Google will uses this factor to rank the website. There are many advantages a website can get from improving page speed like increase website ranking in search engine, improve user experience, make user feel more comfortable using the website and helping businesses to bring better service to their customers.