Good news for those of you who have been the victim of website hacked. Because recently Google just started rolling out algorithms that will aggressively look for spam in websites that have been hacked. The biggest search engine announced the changes in its Webmaster Tool blog, in the topic’s post; it said that because there many rightful websites were hacked by spammers and used them to engage in abusive behavior, like free promotion to low quality site, malware download, porn sites, illegal drug offers and many more.

Because there are still many website owners that don’t perform best practice of standard security can make their websites easily get hacked. Most of the website that commonly gets hacked is government website, universities website, company website, small business website, restaurants website and many more. The problem that website owners facing is that hackers can found access in many ways and what they did is hard to noticed or found. In few cases, a page for some reason is showing blocks of illegitimate text and links but this is not happing in other page.

With many website that they successfully hacked, hacker’s websites generate more traffic than usual. Google acknowledged that this type of spamming as a good one, because this makes the search engine be able to automatically de-rank hacked websites that promoted hacker’s websites. Google explains further that it will aggressively target hacked site spam as it attempt to protect users and webmasters.

These algorithms changes are eventually will impact about 5% of queries; this will depend on the language that the site uses. With the new algorithms are going to roll out, users may notice these changes for certain queries, only the most relevant results are the one that will show, making this will reduce the number of result that shows up. Google also explains that it going to cut the offending websites and set aside pages of sites that are containing irrelevant spam.

For instance, if a web page is displaying paragraphs of text about turntable and vinyl, but the webmaster didn’t put those texts, Google can easily display that page for a search on those topics. The next thing that Google will do is to identify the text that mark as spam, with this way Google will remove the page from their search result page.