Increase SEO Performance with These 5 Easy Fixes through Developer

Website has and always been a constant source of revenue with form of digital for business and organizations. With the help of SEO practices, website owners can increase their incoming by being the top ranking of the industry that they are involved in search engine result pages. Standard SEO practices may not get your business… Continue reading Increase SEO Performance with These 5 Easy Fixes through Developer

Simplicity in Usability

You actually don’t need much work to develop a website with high usability. Most web agencies work so hard on sophisticated design and feature, they often forgot about how user loves simplicity. They could use some clear content with straightforward language. That would give them the whole important point of information as quickly as possible.… Continue reading Simplicity in Usability

Menu for Every Page

Yes we always have to provide a way for user to get back to home page. Every sub pages should be just one click away from going back home. But, don’t make them must go to home before they could go somewhere else. So always provide menu on top or left side of sub pages… Continue reading Menu for Every Page

Link Redundancy isn’t That Annoying

It’s a good thing to give user several ways to get to same point. Especially links to pages that you want people to visit, or pages that people are likely to look for. For example, you have one link to your “Our Product” page at the head navigation bar, and you have another link in… Continue reading Link Redundancy isn’t That Annoying

Good Navigation Equals Fun Playground

When people visiting our website, it is very important to make them comfortable surfing inside it. Good Navigation is the key. We’re not only talking about navigation bar. We’re talking about the whole web design. Good navigation can be the result of good web design plus quality web programming. How important does this good navigation… Continue reading Good Navigation Equals Fun Playground