Google was officially rolling out Pigeon algorithm in July 2014, this algorithm directing to altered local search engine results. This algorithm also brings a major impact on Google for local search engine results with altering how local businesses displayed on the first page of search engine result page. About 4 in 5 Google’s consumers got result of local businesses and outlet on their search.

How Pigeon algorithm works is like this, a person is searching about vinyl stores in Jakarta using Google search, so then Google will showing small list results of specific location of local vinyl stores in Jakarta in the first page of search results. The small list named as Google local pack that provides physical address and Google Maps on how to reach local vinyl store place. This is how Google’s Pigeon algorithm update has altered how local listing is displayed in Google’s search result page.

Pigeon algorithm update will show search results that are more relevant on local listing. With Pigeon, local listing would be attached to high quality domains. There was a survey with conducted on 5.000 location pages that give information on different types of industries. The result of the survey was that Pigeon algorithm update didn’t really giving better results on search engine result page. And with this algorithm update, the organic traffic became decreased and the conversion rate was also become negative.

With Pigeon algorithm update was introduced, the relation with strong domain was critical. Google’s Pigeon algorithm update has benefited big brands that have presence in whole country. If brands has page authority score of 55 or higher, their search rank results became better. This is the indication that national brands will benefited with their well-optimized websites that responsive to mobile viewing, so their locations can be access very easily on mobile phone. With Pigeon algorithm, medium business now will need to build authoritative links.

Right now, for Pigeon algorithm update, location is the main factor in Google search results with higher ranking would be for those who has near location to city center. Or can be said that, right now proximity is a consideration as search signal in online businesses. Meaning that, new business can be visible straight to users if the location is near to downtown of the city.

With local listing of search result is attached to strong domains. This makes websites need to refrain mentioning their area if the location is not near to downtown of the city. Businesses website should not be aggressive on listing zip codes of their areas to bring their services. This is mainly because location is the main factor in Pigeon algorithm update. Local business websites need to understand the changes in Google’s Pigeon algorithm that impacting visibility of brands in local listing search result page.

article source: business2community.

image source: webservicesct.