Why Meta Description Still Important for SEO in 2015

Even though is still too early to predict what SEO in 2015 will look like, but one sure thing is that websites still can counting on meta descriptions in near future. Websites can generate huge organic traffic, if it utilized meta description in effective way. Though, few SEO experts don’t agree because the value of this practice has lost its value to search engine crawlers. But if being executed effectively, this technique is still an important part in SEO practice, especially for generating visitor from search engines.

The best way how to create meta description is to view it as an advert text for organic search. This way when a website used advert text for certain keyword in a search engine, then the search engine will more likely to display the meta description as a summary that telling what that website page is about. So, if a user searching using “Flac to MP3 converter” phrase, the user instantly knows that the search engine result page is not only showing what page that match the phrase but also showing a particular page that offering FREE converter. Tips for this kind of search are to know how to create an awesome meta descriptions that will attract users and search engines.

An awesome meta description needs to be clear, actionable, concise, and accurate on describing subject and content of the website page. Creating an awesome meta description will give a website an opportunity separating itself from competitors.

Having clear, actionable, concise and honest meta description can be a huge difference between a website and its competitors and could attract more users to click the website page.

article source: business2community.

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