Improving Website’s Search Ranking Based on Panda Algorithm 4.1 Update

One of the biggest effects of Panda algorithm 4.1 update is that website that has thin or duplicate content experienced major fall in search ranking in Google search engine result page. The latest algorithm update focus mainly on content and the difficulty to devalued in search results. If a website gets penalties from Google, it will be a huge challenge to recover and rise back to the top search ranking. But there is still ways to avoid Google penalty and improving website search ranking after Panda algorithm 4.1 update:

Find out if your website has been attacked by Panda 4.1 update or not

The latest Panda 4.1 update causing ranking of webpage to drop mainly because there are light, duplicate or inferior content. It isn’t easy to find out if your website has been attacked or how the content inside is rated, but with data analyzing data can help you to determine the current situation or position of your website. Here is what you have to do to find out if your website get penalized from Panda update or not:

Using Google Analytics, you need to:

  • Look for big drops in organic traffic from Google in last 6 months
  • Do not include any other source like direct, paid, and referral to separating data of organic search traffic
  • There could be regular drops of traffic in the weekend and seasonal traffic
  • Here’s how to look for organic search traffic in Google Analytic: Click Acquisition menu then click Channels, then Organic Search, then Primary Dimension, then Source and the last click Google.

For using Google Webmaster, here’s what you need to do:

  • Find out if there are any duplicate pages in the HTML improvement menu
  • If there’s small number of duplicate contents then it’s fine, but if the number of duplicate contents is big, then that’s the problem

There’s another way, by looking how many page that Google has indexed:

  • Type “” in the search bar then see how many Google indexed page that your website has
  • A large number of pages can be assume that there are duplicate or lower quality pages

Getting rid of thin and duplicate content

Two main factors of Panda algorithm 4.1 update is that Google is looking for thin and duplicate content. Webpage with small or thin content written then you should remove, mixed with other pages with similar topic, or expanded to add new, quality content. Google defines duplicate content in 3 types, on-site, near and cross-domain duplicate. Means that content can be considered as duplicate if Google finds it on your own site or on another website.

For online shop, they are often suffering the penalty because there are product pages with similar descriptions. For this problem, Google advising to consolidate remove or redirecting pages to getting rid of copy writing. Also, webmaster can update the robot.txt files of the page to remove the pages from search engine crawls. The latest Panda update making online shop to produce smaller sites with fewer page of quality, condensed and unique content.

Make sure the quality of content is reliable

Another factor of Panda algorithm 4.1 update is that Google wanting quality content in webpage. Even though it’s still difficult to tell, but the best way to know if Google may find to content of the page is not quality is by examine the lowest performing pages on Google Analytic. Webmaster then need to getting rid of contents that could be not adding value to visitor or trying to stuffing keywords hoping to get higher ranking in search results.

Creating new content

For creating content after Panda 4.1 update, website needs to be filled with unique and quality written content. You need implementing strong goals for content of the website and offer the direction of content that you want to publish. Concentrate on giving more value in one page by giving education beside your sales copy. Give users a new opportunity to interact to the product with writing review, adding sharing button and various content mediums. Look for user engagement to make sure that the content is valuable and engaging.

It is very necessary to analyze the effect of Panda algorithm 4.1 update, even though this will take a quite amount of time to resource and ensure that all issues have been resolved, just to increase the visibility and search ranking in Google’ search engine result page. But you need to know that, this method could be not giving an immediate result and you need to keep concentrate creating unique and quality content.

article source: business2community.

image source: yepindia.