5 Important SEO Elements in 2015

Regular blog updates, quality contents, links, keywords, and social media, have been basic element of successful SEO strategy in recent years. With Penguin and Panda algorithm updates and other updates, SEO strategy can changed so quickly. SEO strategies that worked in the past are no longer success on today’s system and in fact can bring penalties. Updates from Google algorithms made SEO strategist to create new SEO strategy that could bring success for website.

Current digital strategies and for the future need to focus less for search engines and more for user. Technically building website in the correct way is still the main element, but elements like responsive web design and quality content are few of important elements in SEO strategy edging to the year of 2015. Below, there are 5 important elements of successful SEO strategy in 2015:

  1. Responsive web design

This element has become very important and still will be an important part in SEO strategy for 2015. Because users are getting more and more increasing to use devices like smartphone and tablet. This means that websites need to perform well for all devices. Users are using these devices to read contents, make purchases, browse newest car, book accommodation tickets and many more. If a site doesn’t use responsive design, it will lose a potential costumer or a sale. An analyst predicted that not too long until traffic from mobile device will surpass traffic from PC and laptop.

  1. Streamlined URLs

Keywords that are meant for user and search engine friendly are part of this element that can help a site with ranking. With URLs and links are main parts of a website, so it’s very important for these 2 parts to be as descriptive and short as possible. Because long string of characters in URL makes it hard for users and search engines to identify what webpage is about, and in the end the page will loses its credibility. Long URL are more likely to be viewed like spam links and less likely to be shared through social media. Besides, URL should be descriptive, short and easy to share, it needs to include keywords to strengthen SEO practice.

  1. Videos

With YouTube right now is the second largest search engine in the internet, and also owned by Google, this means that a website needs to have its presence on this site. Lately, many users are preferred to watch videos rather than to read an article. This two methods can be used together with article with enough information includes a video to support it. Another benefit from creating videos is that this element can be shared very simple to social media channel, blog and for article support. The more shares from the video can bring more people to click a website link that will leads to conversions and traffic. With countless SEO benefits, video is a must element for SEO strategy in 2015.

  1. Social media

This element is still the key in today’s digital marketing. A strong presence in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are essential for SEO strategy. Every business in current state of world needs to have social media profile, because it’s a very great marketing tool. With having a Facebook page, a business can bring updates to its customer, and allow them to share information to their friends or relatives, or other potentially customers. Giving updates to customer will creates a connection to business and even can lead to gain for customers and partners. With tweeting about special discounts and promotion is great way to gain interest for business. Sharing page of Facebook posts and retweeting tweets are free ways to build a strong connection to website.

  1. Content

This element is the one reason search engines like Google and Bing exist. This element is to give people information and answers that they’re looking for. The main priority of content for Google is serving quality and informative content for people. A website that doesn’t have quality content and unable to answers people’s question, leads to search engine crawlers to ignore them. Website with bad content and doesn’t provide useful information will result for search engines to neglect the site and bringing poor conversions and traffic. With old SEO saying “content is king” is still works, means that website needs to serve good, quality content and this will make the website become a reliable source of information for customers and they will likely to come back for more information.

Article source: bussiness2community.

Photo source: valeo.