Right now, most part of internet is under Google authority, it’s often a challenging and impossible job to get a website to get higher rank against competitor in organic search term. But, with using SEO practice, this problem can be solved by practicing some SEO techniques to the website. With the right SEO strategy and tactic, a website will get higher rank and outrank its competitor.

The current most effective strategy to improve a website SEO is with creating quality contents that are interesting to its visitor. So websites need to post content on its site to describe their identity to the industry. For example, if a website is a smartphone online shop, so the content of its site should be about smartphones that could be the choice of its consumers.

Using blogs are an excellent idea to increase website rank. If a website has its own blog page, means that the website can have freedom to get creative with its content and attracting variety of audience. When smartphone online shop has its own blog, it can create its sense of presence. Create contents about launching smartphone event, smartphone news, tips & tricks and also other things like smartphone apps, games and many more. This is a great way to attract more readers and visitor.

After creating ideas for blog content, the new or small website still needs to be optimized. Contents that want to be published should be unique. Because search engines are not going rank page with the same content as high as the better and original page on search engine results page.

Do not stuffed content with many keywords, and it is also need to be attractive and easy to read. With adding pictures in the content helps to improve the text search engine rank pages become higher in result pages that are well maintained. Make sure to provide links to the content for driving readers to other relevant page in the site to have better understanding. Like, when mentioned “4G smartphone” in the content, it will be a benefit for SEO practice to have that as an anchor text for linking to the 4G smartphone page on the site.

Last but not least, optimize contents to social media platforms. Because social media becomes an effective way for website to interact with its customer and increase brand image and also can be helpful to improve business visibility as whole on search engine. Social media platform like Google+, Twitter, Facebook and many more, can be use as a bridge to promote website with using hashtags and adding links to the updates for gaining more visitors to the site.  If websites follow these SEO tips then they’re ready to compete for higher or maybe highest placement or position on search engine result page.